GLOBAL HEALTH ETHICS is a virtual space for dialogue on shared ethical concerns and support on unique ethical dilemmas. Our mission is to foster dialogue among international colleagues regarding  cultural differences and needs while educating each other about similarities in research, respect for life, and problem solving.

Using this website:

This website is available in several languages. Select your language through the Translate this Website box on the right of your screen.

  • We have chose two topics related to global health ethics to start off our discussions. These are: (1) Institutional Review Boards (IRB’s) and Conducting International Health Research; and (2) Organ Transplants. You may access these discussions on the Interactive Discussion page. New topics of discussion will be added periodically. The most recent topic of discussion is voluntariness in research.

If you are interested in adding a topic for discussion, please contact us at gh.ethics@gmail.com

  • You do not need a WordPress account to participate in on our discussions. Signing in via facebook, gmail and twitter are also possible. If you would like to, signing up for a WordPress account is free. Click here to sign up for an account.
  • Our Students’ Corner page features various student projects, articles, and resources relating to global health ethics.
  • Our Conferences page displays national and international meetings and conferences.
  • Our Resources for Discussion page features links to guide our interactive discussion. These resources include: ethical codes for practitioners, international ethical codes, various ethical guidelines, and databases.

If you are interested in adding a link to the website, please contact us at gh.ethics@gmail.com

  • Our Links page lists other helpful websites related to global health ethics.

If you are interested in adding a topic for discussion, submitting your student work, or adding links to the website, please contact us!

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